Help Ukrainians Children in Need Impacted by War

Millions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. Children are especially affected by this, who are left without a home, food, clothing and parental care. They are in urgent need of medical supplies and relief as they face the prospect of renewed conflict. Please help Ukrainian children now!

 Ukrainian children need help!

Since February 24, more than a hundred Ukrainian children have been killed. Many others were injured. And more than 1.5 million children have fled their homes.
Just think about it – since the beginning of the war, more than 75,000 children on average become refugees every day. Every day.

Our foundation provides assistance to sick Ukrainian children and their families who were left without medicines and treatment, orphans, families of refugees and migrants.

The collected money helps the victims of the hostilities to get clean water, food, clothes, and also goes to provide first aid and purchase medicines.

Your donation to our fund will support Ukrainian children in need, with a focus on the most vulnerable and those affected by the war.

Please help Ukrainian children now!

Bring love, protection and care for Ukrainian children who suffered as a result of hostilities.

Donate money to the future of the Ukrainian children!​

The future of children depends on us, and our future depends on them. They should not suffer from the fact that someone considers them strangers. They must live in a world that does not know what cruelty, pain and violence are. Let’s create such a world for them together, because there are no other people’s children!

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Contact phone: +38 (097) 7578730

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