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Let’s help Nastya fight chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease

Let’s help Nastya fight chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease

Let's help Nastya fight chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease!Anastasia's mother turned to our foundation for help. Nastya is only 18 years old, and she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. Previously, Nastya was treated at the Kiev Institute of...

Ukrainian Children Need Help!

Ukrainian Children Need Help!

Help Ukrainians Children in Need Impacted by WarMillions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. Children are especially affected by this, who are left without a home, food, clothing and parental care. They are in urgent need of medical...

Treasury of the fund

The Treasury of the Foundation stores and distributes donations from philanthropists who trust us to direct funds to urgent charitable needs and projects that, in our opinion, are most in need. The treasury receives your donations both for the intended purpose and not related to the fees published on the site.

Volunteer help

Volunteer help is not only an opportunity to help people and society, but also self-realization, the opportunity to learn and develop, a new circle of communication and even the opportunity to get a new profession and career.

Do you drive a car? Do you know foreign languages? Can you write articles? Photograph? Create a design? Are you full of ideas? Are you just a responsible person who is willing to help? Join the activities of the foundation and our volunteer projects! Follow our announcements and fill out the form!

Our projects

One of the main tasks of the fund is to coordinate the charitable activities of patrons, volunteers and unite all concerned to help Ukrainian children’s institutions, hospitals, children’s social, sports and educational organizations, and individual children and families in need of help to solve acute social and medical problems.

Children’s hospitals

Assistance to Ukrainian children’s hospitals to provide the necessary equipment and medicines.

Social organizations

To help Ukrainian childish houses and other social institutions for the provision of everything necessary.

Sports and health organizations

Helping the activities of Ukrainian children’s sports and health organizations.

Creative and social circles

Support Ukrainian children’s creative and social cucumbers.

Donate money to the future of the Ukrainian children!​

The future of children depends on us, and our future depends on them. They should not suffer from the fact that someone considers them strangers. They must live in a world that does not know what cruelty, pain and violence are. Let’s create such a world for them together, because there are no other people’s children!

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Contact phone: +38 (097) 7578730

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